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All Prepaid orders will receive free dessert

          " Local Guys"

LG'S Pizza & Pasta serving NANAIMO since 1997

  Celebrating 25 Years

COVID Update: We continue to follow all protocols provided for covid. Customers & staff are required to wear a mask as well as abide by the social distancing measures in place. Your Safety Matters!

Picky Eaters

"I palati più esigenti"

Mini Pepperoni Pizza - $7.95

Cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni.

Mini Ham and Pineapple Pizza - $7.95

Cheese, pizza sauce, ham, and pineapple.

Two Chicken Fingers with Fries - $9.95

Chicken finger meals come with a juice box.

Two Chicken Fingers with Salad

Chicken finger meals come with a juice box.


Mini Spaghetti - $7.95

Kids' spaghetti comes with garlic toast.

Mini Lasagna - $7.95

Kids' lasagna comes with garlic toast.